What you need to host an ADSB antenna

Hosting an antenna is very simple. You need to have access to a location with the following:

  • A spot with a clear 360° view of the sky to install the antenna. The higher the better. Usually that will be a roof.
  • Reliable electricity that can be reached with a cable stretching 10-15m from the antenna. There are also solar-powered options.
  • Reliable internet (wifi or ethernet).

The antennas reach at least 150km and up to around 500km, depending on their location and the specific antenna. So you don’t need to be right next to an airport.

The antennas only collect information from the aircrafts, which is not detectable. The antenna itself is a stick of about 50cm long and quite discreet. There are also options for more covert antennas.

If you’re interested to host an antenna – in particular in Africa – then please get in touch!

If you’ve already got an antenna, then you can feed to ADSB Exchange which we use for the project. For those installed in locations with only a few antennas around, please get in touch with us so we can use your feed in the most effective way possible.